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User Profile
Team leader, International Crop Information System

Name: Arllet M. Portugal
Position: Associate Scientist, Information Technology

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Mail: DAPO Box 7777, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone: +63 (2) 580-5600 loc 2393
Fax: +63 (2) 580-5699

Job Profile:

Before joining IRRI, I prayed to God for a job that I would enjoy doing, a great boss and wonderful co-workers. Well, God really answered prayers. :) I have been working in IRRI for almost 10 years now. These are years of fun, travel and hard work. The project I enjoy doing is the International Crop Information System. I am the team leader in the development of its Windows stand-alone applications. Our team is also coordinating with the different divisions of IRRI for the management of the International Rice Information System, which is the rice implementation of ICIS. We are also collaborating with different international partners for the development of ICIS. You will know more about ICIS in (CropWiki)and you can download its applications, report bugs and ask requests in (CropForge).

International Rice Research Institute
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